AzPHA Annual Award Nominations

Deadline to Nominate a Colleague is August 1, 2018!

Each year at our Fall Conference & Annual Meeting the AzPHA recognizes persons who’ve made an outstanding contribution to public health in Arizona.  Our awards are named after people who have made career-long important contributions to public health and/or the AZ Public Health Association over the years.  You can visit our AzPHA website to see our past awardees.

Please put on your thinking cap and nominate somebody for an award for recognition at our 90th Annual Fall Conference and Meeting: Integrating Care to Improve Public Health Outcomes: Primary Care | Behavioral Health | Public Health where we will explore efforts currently underway to integrate primary care, behavioral health, and public health. 


Senator Andy Nichols Honor Award

The Senator Andy Nichols Honor Award recognizes folks who have made outstanding contributions to public health policy. The award is named after the late Senator Andy Nichols, an advocate for good public health policy. For requirements and the nomination form click here

Congratulations to Tara Plese for receiving last year’s award!


Cele Cohen Nursing Award

The Cele Cohen Nursing Award was established to recognize the contributions of Cecelia Cohen to public health nursing. This award recognizes a public/community health nurse within Arizona that has made an outstanding contribution to public/community health. To find out more about the requirements and to nominate someone, please click on this link

Congratulations to Heather Jordan for receiving last year’s award!


Elsie Eyer Commitment to Under Served People Award

The Elsie Eyer Commitment to Under Served People Award recognizes persons or entities that have demonstrated a sustained effort in assuring the delivery of health services to underserved populations in Arizona. To learn more about Elsie Eyer and her distinguished public health career in Arizona, please click here.  For requirements and nominations, click here.  

Congratulations to the Arizona Family Health Partnership for (Bre Thomas CEO) for last year’s award.


Harold B. Woodward Award

The Harold B. Woodward Award recognizes contributions done for the advancement or betterment of the Arizona Public Health Association. Hard work, dedication, or any other contribution to the Association will be the guideline for the selection. For details and to nominate someone, please click here.  

Congrats to the AzPHA Archiving Team of Barbara Herber, Chris Mahon and Jane Canby for receiving last years award! 


Health Education Media Making Yearly (HEMMY) Award

Any health education or patient education material produced in Arizona by a(n) Arizona resident(s) during August 2017 - August 2018 is eligible for a HEMMY Award. For more requirements and information, as well as to nominate someone or an organization for this award, visit the HEMMY Nomination page.


Lloyd E. Burton Scholarship Award

The Lloyd E. Burton Scholarship Award recognizes a Bachelor, Master, and PhD level with a demonstrated interest and commitment to improving public health with a $500 scholarship. If you are student who has a strong interest in public health and could benefit from a scholarship award, click this link.

Congrats to Abby Lohr for receiving last year's scholarship award!