SB 1092 Legislative Directive Waiver Proposal - Summay


At the direction of the Arizona State Legislature and upon CMS approval, AHCCCS is proposing to implement the following requirements for “able-bodied adults” receiving Medicaid services:

  • The requirement for all able-bodied adults to become employed or actively seeking employment or attend school or a job training program.
  • The requirement for able-bodied adults to verify on a monthly basis compliance with the work requirements and any changes in family income.
  • The authority for AHCCCS to ban an eligible person from enrollment for one year if the eligible person knowingly failed to report a change in family income or made a false statement regarding compliance with the work requirements.
  • The authority for AHCCCS to limit lifetime coverage for all able-bodied adults to five years except for certain circumstances.

Senate Bill 1092 was passed during the First Regular Session of 2015. The legislation requires the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS) to apply the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) by March 30 of each year for a waiver or amendments to the current Section 1115 Waiver to allow the State to implement new eligibility requirements for “able-bodied adults”.

SB 1092 Waiver Amendment Request Public Notice

AzPHA Call to Action

The AzPHA’s Board reviewed and approved our comments on AHCCCS’ 1115 Medicaid waiver application (as required by a state laws that passed in 2015).   

We encourage you to review our letter and use what you think is useful to turn in your own comment letter to AHCCCS via e-mail to by February 28.