HEMMY Award Winners

Health Education Media Maker Yearly Award

1st place

Grassroots Other

WIC Tobacco Education

Maricopa County Department of Public Health

Office of Tobacco and Chronic Disease Prevention

Frieda Pollack
Mark Baer
Lilliana D. Cardenas
Courtney Ward
Benjamin Palmer
Emily Davis



1st place

Grassroots Campaign

Promotion of Pinal Creek Trail Project

Gila County Health and Emergency Services

Dean Brennen
Bethany Cheney
felicia trembath
dezirae williams


1st Place

Professional Campaign

Agents of Change

Arizona Department of Health Services

Omar A. Contreras
Jesse Palacios
Jennifer Sanchez
Vanessa Nielsen
Lisa Urias
Anna Alonzo
Benjamin Palmer


1st Place

Professional Other

Childhood Lead Screening

Arizona Department of Health Services

Brigitte Dufour
Amber Asburry
Melissa Tegarden