Jason Gillette – Public Representative 2

Jason Gillette is the State Director for School Health for the Department of Education. Mr. Gillette also contracts iwth communty organizations on implementing health measures, programming and strategic planning. He also sits on serveral councils and leadership groups addressing the direction of policy, program and implementation of health processes in Arizona. Jason sits on the advisory council for the Mayo Clinic for Community Health Research and Native Health's board. Jason holds a bachelor's in Global Health from Arizona State University. Jason previously was the project manager for the federal program AmeriCorps for St. Luke's and held the communication manager position for Arizona Living Well Institute. Jason is currently a Health Educator for Cigna and Summit Health and has been a nutritionist and personal trainer for four years. Jason also served four years in the United State Marines as a Sergeant, serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. Jason also has a company that partners with non-profits such as the Mollen Foundation to focus on community health and physical activity activity and has worked in the field of obesity and chronic disease for over eight years. Jason has also worked the lead project researcher for Chicanos Por La Causa studying physical activity and health perception in Hispanic adults and presented at the American Public Health Association conference in 2012. Jason's dedication to health, obesity, quality of life and community engagement has fueled his drive and progress since moving to Arizona 2003.