Lauren Savaglio - Professional Development & Academic Relations

Lauren Savaglio is Lecturer at Arizona State University in the School of Nutrition and Health Promotion, where she teaches public health, health sciences, and environmental health courses. She is also the Degree Coordinator for the undergraduate public health program. She has taught previously at George Mason University in the areas of public health, environmental health, and nutrition. 

Her previous research projects at the National Academies of Sciences focused on environmental health, bioethics, pathology, and veterans' health. Her other research interests include sustainable food practices and consumption, nutritional outcomes of children of both HIV-positive and HIV-negative mothers in Kenya, and HIV and neuropathy. She has performed HIV/AIDS-related research with Johns-Hopkins University and the Whitman-Walker Health. She currently is a practicing EMT and served as a girls' education and empowerment agent in the Peace Corps in Togo, West Africa.

Additionally, she worked in the field of environmental health and preventative health in rural and susceptible populations. She enjoys hiking, playing outdoors, and volunteering for mountain search and rescue (which combines the first two things!).