Marcus Johnson - President

Marcus Johnson’s career path has propelled him from one-on-one health coaching, to corporate wellness management, to health policy development and legislative advocacy. He has drafted language for municipal general plans to ensure a focus on health community design; contributed to ordinances that address community gardens and tobacco- free parks; advocated for statewide legislation that protects access to health care and encourages community-use of school playgrounds; and led the coordination of health insurance enrollment for newly-eligible individuals served by Maricopa County facilities. In addition, Marcus published two policy briefs - one on the link between youth physical activity and academic performance, the other on the causes and solutions to psychiatric boarding among Arizona's behavioral health populations. 

As Assistant Director of Policy & Advocacy for the Arizona Hospital & Healthcare Association, Marcus utilizes an understanding of issues affecting health systems, communities and policies to help transform Arizona's health care system into one that is based on quality and value. Equipped with a background in public health, Marcus has gained extensive experience in systemic approaches focused on prevention and has developed a unique perspective to help bridge the fields of health care and public health. He is committed to developing upstream strategies that address the root causes if illness and early death, and to serving as a voice for underserved populations.

Marcus earned his Master's degree in Public Health and Bachelor’s in Physiology from the University of Arizona. In his free time, he enjoys outdoor activities, weekend getaways with his wife and dog, and remaining a stubbornly optimistic fan of the Dallas Cowboys.