Michael O'Driscoll - Director at Large

Michael O’Driscoll is the Director of Health & Emergency Management for Gila County Arizona. Michael Joined Gila County in 2011 and came with more than 20 years’ experience in Public Health and Emergency Preparedness. He has been integral in resolving large health disparity issues, vector-borne disease, foodborne outbreaks, ground water contamination, and hazardous materials complaints, among others—mitigating issues and ensuring public safety state- wide, across its various constituency populations.

Beginning his public service career in Santa Clara County, CA, in 1989, Michael progressively rose the ranks, holding critical positions at Will and DuPage Counties in Illinois. He has been recognized with outstanding employee awards; won individual citation honors; and has developed numerous key systems and protocols for food safety, day care assessment, multicultural task forces, and intragovernment communications/alerts systems.

While on staff at DuPage County Health Department, Michael led teams responsible for securing the Samuel Crumbine Award, the largest, nationally recognized environmental public health achievement.

Prior to Gila County, Michael held a senior staff position at Kane County Illinois Health Department, where he fostered a collaborative, creative environment supporting change and increasing the public’s awareness of emerging public health and emergency management issues.

A mindful, resolution-focused individual, Michael is eager to champion the Gila County Health Department through its current and future challenges.