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AzPHA has a very active Public Policy Committee comprised of members and Board Members who are committed to improving the health of every Arizonan through engaging our members, partners, policymakers and the public to bring strong public health policies to the forefront.

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PowerPoint Summary of the 2017 AZ Legislative Session

PowerPoint Summary of the 2018 AZ Legislative Session

2019 Legislative Session Priorities (updated 11/16/18)

PowerPoint RE 2019 Legislative Priorities

New- powerpoint summary of the 2019 legislative session - updated june 1

NEW- PowerPoint Summary of the 2019 Legislative Session (PDF)

Many of AzPHA's  public health priorities are driven by Resolutions that are approved by our members.  AzPHA has dozens of Resolutions in place dating back to the 1930s.  They are all available on our Members Only site.  Early resolutions focused on the importance of food safety regulations, tuberculosis control, family planning, and other contemporary public health issues. More recent Resolutions have focused on support for addressing the Opioid epidemic, certifying community health workers, and addressing electronic cigarettes.  Our Resolutions are important to us because they set our public health advocacy priorities.

AzPHA Resolutions stay in place until and unless the Members vote to remove or update a Resolution. There is a process for developing new Resolutions.  Resolutions are developed by AzPHA Members and are forwarded to the Board for review.  The Board reviews the Resolution and votes whether to forward the Resolution to the Members for approval.  Proposed Resolutions can be voted on electronically before the Annual Meeting or they can be voted on in-person at the Annual Meeting.  After approval of the resolutions, final copies are posted on the members only portion of our website.

In 2018 AzPHA members approved 3 new Resolutions. This year's Resolutions are: 

Resolution to Prevent Firearm Violence in Schools

Resolution for Continuing Support of Title X: The Nations Family Planning Program

Resolution supporting Universal Access to Contraception (subject to Board Approval)

This year (2019) the AzPHA is proposing an updated version of the Resolution for adoption by our membership entitled  Resolution: Preventing Firearm Violence in the Community and Schools. The membership of AzPHA is in the process of voting on the adoption of this updated resolution. We will announce the outcome at our 2019 Annual Meeting on October 29, 2019

Public Policy Committee Chairs:

Eddie Sissons -

Will Humble -

Simply put, advocacy is the act of asking for, recommending or supporting a cause. Advocacy depends on good relationships with decision-makers in the legislature. Building a relationship with your legislators is the first step towards effective advocacy.

Our Public Policy Priorities Include:

  • Supporting and protecting public health budgets and infrastructure to meet the needs of Arizona's growing population.

  • Supporting Access to Health Care (including universal access).

  • Supporting and protecting healthy environments including safe water, clean air, urban planning, tobacco-free lifestyles.

Emerging Issue - Stay updated on the future of the Affordable Care Act.

Emerging Issue - Stay updated on the future of the Affordable Care Act.

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