2019 Legislative Session

The 2019 Legislative Session will begin on January 14.  The Session usually starts with a State of the State address by the Governor followed by a proposed executive branch budget. 

Here’s a PowerPoint RE 2019 Legislative Priorities that I put together.  Like other years, lots of things will come up during the session that we will support or be opposed to.  Our Public Health Policy Committee will share information and meet during the session as we prepare our positions and conduct our public health advocacy.

The party balance in the State Senate will remain 17-13; while the balance in the House will be 31-29 (a much closer party balance than there has been in recent years).

The President of the Senate will be  Karen Fann (R) LD-1 and House Speaker will be  Rusty Bowers (R) LD-25.  There will be 12 Senate committees and 20 House committees starting in January.  The Senate Health and Human Service Committee will be chaired by Senator Kate Brophy-McGee (Sen. Heather Carter will be Co-chair).  The House Health Committee will be chaired by Representative Nancy Barto (Rep Jay Lawrence as Vice Chair)

Senate Committees:

Appropriations: Sen. David Gowan (LD14), Chair

Commerce: Sen. Michelle Ugenti-Rita (LD23), Chair

Education: Sen. Sylvia Allen (LD6), Chair and Sen. Paul Boyer (LD20), Co-chair

Finance: Sen. J.D. Mesnard (LD17), Chair

Government: Sen. David Farnsworth (LD16), Chair and Sen. Sonny Borrelli (LD5), Co-chair

Health and Human Services; Kate Brophy McGee (LD28), Chair & Heather Carter, Co-chair

Higher Ed. & Workforce Dev: Heather Carter (LD15), Chair and Sen. J.D. Mesnard, Co-chair  

Judiciary: Sen. Eddie Farnsworth (LD12), Chair

Natural Resources and Energy: Sen. Frank Pratt (LD8), Chair

Rules: President-Elect Karen Fann (LD1), Chair  

Transportation and Public Safety: Sen. David Livingston (LD22), Chair  

Committee on Water and Agriculture:  Sen. Sine Kerr (LD13), Chair Sen. Frank Pratt (LD8), Co-chair

House Committees:  

Appropriations: Rep. Regina Cobb (LD5), Chair and Rep. Kavanagh (LD23), Vice Chair

Commerce: Rep. Jeff Weninger (LD17), Chair

County Infrastructure: Rep. David Cook (LD8), Chair

Education: Rep. Michelle Udall (LD25), Chair

Elections: Rep. Kelly Townsend (LD16), Chair

Federal Relations: Rep. Mark Finchem (LD11), Chair

Government: Rep. John Kavanagh (LD23), Chair

Health & Human Services  Nancy Barto (LD15), Chair and Jay Lawrence (LD23), Vice Chair

Judiciary: Rep. John Allen (LD15), Chair

Land & Agriculture: Rep. Tim Dunn (LD13), Chair

Military & Veterans Affairs: Rep. Jay Lawrence (LD23), Chair

Natural Resources, Energy & Water: Rep. Gail Griffin (LD14), Chair

Public Safety: Rep. Kevin Payne (LD21), Chair

Regulatory Affairs: Rep. Travis Grantham (LD12), Chair

Rules: Rep. Anthony Kern (LD20), Chair

Sentencing & Recidivism Reform: Rep. David Stringer (LD1), Chair

State & International Affairs: Rep. Tony Rivero (LD21), Chair

Technology:  Rep. Bob Thorpe (LD6), Chair

Transportation: Rep. Noel Campbell (LD1), Chair

Ways & Means: Rep. Ben Toma (LD22), Chair