Member Vote: Proposed New AzPHA Board Member Slate

The AzPHA Board of Directors is pleased to propose a slate of incoming Board Members to replace the folks that will be transitioning off the Board at our Annual Meeting on October 29, 2019.  The Board has interviewed the candidates and is recommending that you (our members) approve their recommended slate of candidates. Please take a few minutes to vote on the recommended slate by October 14, 2019

AzPHA Board Recommendations

Vice President: Kim Van Pelt

Chief Regional Officer, First Things First CV

Dir. of Professional Development: Eric Tomlon, FACHE, MBA/MSHA

VP/Chief Operating Officer for Dignity Health Medical Group CV

Student Representative: Carolyn (Carly) Camplaign, JD

Sr. Program Coordinator, Center for Health Equity Research, NAU CV

Director of Public Policy: Zaida Dedolph

Director of Public Policy, Children's Action Alliance. CV

A Big Thank You to our outgoing Board members- they have served AzPHA for many years and have done a lot of hard work for our organization- than we thank you!

Please take the time to thank our outgoing Board members!  We appreciate your service to AzPHA and to the people of Arizona!

  • Marcus Johnson: Immediate Past President

  • Eddie Sissons: Director of Public Policy

  • Lauren Savaglio: Director of Professional Development

  • Adrienne Lent: Student Representative