Your Task Assignment This Week

KidsCare is an important access to care program that gives lower-income families an opportunity to pay an affordable premium and receive Medicaid-like health insurance for their kids.  Right now KidsCare is providing coverage for about 35,000 children in working families. 

To keep KidsCare open, the state legislature needs to include $1.6M appropriation in this year's budget to cover the state's portion of this important federal program. 

Simply Click Here to ask your senator and representatives and urge them to insist on a final budget that protects KidsCare. The address you use will automatically send the email to your elected. Please edit the template language a little and personalize it- that works better.

Since the freeze was lifted in 2016, KidsCare has provided 114 children with cancer treatments, almost 8,000 children with behavioral health services, over 5,000 children services for autism, and helped nearly 3,500 children with asthma.