AzPHA Annual Report

At the end of each Fiscal Year (July 1 to June 30) the AzPHA publishes an Annual Report summarizing the activities of the previous year including a discussion of our activities, membership update and a summary of our financial position.  We just completed this year’s Annual Report and posted it in the Members Only portion of our website.  You can get to the Report and a host of other financial information here. Here's a quick summary:

The Arizona Public Health Association continued to make progress in all facets of our mission, including advocacy, professional development and networking.  We’ve increased our membership 27% in the last two year (632 at the end of FY-2019 compared with 496 members in FY-2017) and grown the number of sustaining Organizational Members.

In FY-19 we provided our members with timely policy updates (50 Public Health Policy Updates in FY 2019), targeted Action Alerts, and multiple comments on state public health matters (e.g. agency actions and legislative debates), and federal rulemakings (e.g. Title X, methane rule, public charge). We took public positions and testified in committee on many bills during the last legislative session.

We also continued to improve our website including our calendar of statewide public health events and blog content.  These improvements are also increasing our visibility on search engines.

AzPHA continued to diversify our revenue sources and improve our financial position (operating reserves), built new relationships with key partners, and enhanced our professional development and networking options. 

Feel free to view the full Annual Report when you get a chance.  We are a member organization In short, AzPHA is poised for another successful year.  Our progress toward improving our administrative and operational infrastructure positions us well for the coming year. 

Our enhanced individual and organizational membership, more aggressive and engaged advocacy work and our and fiscal diversification leave us in a strong position financially as we look toward the future of AzPHA and our Vision of Healthy Communities for Arizona.